About Daydream Films

Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to look around my website. I'm sure you're wondering who is behind the camera, so here is the story of how Daydream Films started. 

Once upon a time there was a girl obsessed with filming everything and anything, she was rarely seen without her video recorder and Windows Movie Player to edit on. That girl, surprise, surprise is the owner of Daydream Films, Emma. That's me, hi! 

Years of practicing the craft of film and studying media go by, and a degree in Film Studies from the University of Warwick later, I filmed my first wedding for a family friend and I FELL IN LOVE.

Now I have filmed so many couple's special day, creating cinematic style wedding films that they can cherish forever.

Get to know me

What's your favourite film of all time?

My favourite films are ones where not much happens, but it's more about the characters and their relationships. Or on the opposite side to that I LOVE sci-fi.

Toni Erdmann - the most beautifully directed German film of a father/daughter relationship.


What do you enjoy other than film?

Music, I don't think I could live without music. Being the youngest of 5,  I grew up around a mixture of music, but mainly some form of blues-y rock, metal and emo. Oh and my sister showed me the ever-so great R'n'B classics of the early noughties. 

And basically anything art related, I get really lost in art.

So you love music. Who is your favourite musician then?

Eeep! Such a tough question. I'll have to say two because I could never choose between the two, despite them being so different. Parkway Drive and Frightened Rabbit. Oh and My Chem, I just can't leave them out. 

What are you enjoying watching right now?

You. Such a good show! Also rewatching Flowers because it's one of the best series I've EVER seen. 

"Emma has captured our day so perfectly!! I cried from start to finish watching both the trailer and the full film! So many little moments that we didn't see or we didn't even realise were being filmed have just made the film so natural and candid! All the love and happiness we felt all day just radiates out of it! I honestly couldn't be happier, thank you so so so so much! What a beautiful way to remember our big day xxx"


- Casey (bride)

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Cinematic wedding

videographer based in the West Midlands,

covering weddings across the world.